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Below, you’ll get a taste of some of what we had at our last Anachronism…



NEWS, NOVEMBER 28th: The performer list has been updated; we’ve added the wonderful Geek Girl Burlesque and others; we’ve got some more vendors; and today, I go to Webster Hall to sample their brand-new brick oven pizza and see if it’s tasty.  (We’d love for you to eat at Webster, as it helps their bottom line and ours.  But I have to make sure it’s good pizza before I can recommend it!)

…How the heck does one do a “Steampunk Dinosaur” event? We’re glad you asked! See our Frequently Asked Questions to get some background, and a few costume ideas!

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Note: we reject the canard that we are madmen. Some of us are madwomen and some of us prefer to be referred to as madgenderqueerpersons.

News, August 15th: If you are geeky and/or kinky and/or curious, consider checking out The Geeky Kink Event:



News, March 26th: New flyer by Aristotle P. and Caran!



Click here for full poster! Feel free to link-to and repost!

News, March 25th:  O good gracious, do we have updates. Have you seen the performance page?  G.D. Falksen, The Royal Baritarian Players, French & The Punk (formerly the Gypsy Nomads) – and we may be about to confirm Hit The Mat and their splendid pankration!  This is just plain ridiculous.  That’s a lot to see and enjoy.


News, March 15th: We have a new flyer, created by the talented Isadora Tang! Feel free to print it out and post it throughout the Known World.

Anachronism II Flyer (PDF)


News, March 13th: We’re about to announce a contest!  Give us a few more days.


News, November 2nd: The spectacularly talented Isadora Tang created a flyer for us that I really, really like.  It’s a PDF file – feel free to print out copies and put them up all over every surface within a 500 mile radius.


News, October 30th: I’m proud and slightly amazed to note that we have added Mark Slomski (of the Slomski Brothers) and his Amazing Stage Show.   This incredible show is, to use their words, “a cabaret showcase that includes bellydance, burlesque, comedy, fire, juggling, magic, music, snakes and other sideshow oddities.”  I’ve seen Mr. Slomski’s work at the Steampunk World’s Fair – friends, this show alone is worth the $10 admission.   When you see it, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree.

News, October 25th: Good grief,  Steampunk Day at the Brooklyn Indie Market is fantastic!  Enormous tip of the hat to its founder, Kathy Malone; that was an incredible job.  And Liz Gorinsky, from Tor books, put together a really splendid salon.  Also, there were scones.   Oh, scones, my deepest weakness!

…in specific Anachronism news, after talking to Kat of NY Steam, and Liz, and some of her authors–it looks like we’re going to try to do an informal (and free) salon before the show at a local cafe.   We’re going to try to have some unique discussion topics – not the traditional “What is Steampunk?”, but rather, some much more off-the-wall and unusual topics.  Got talk ideas?  Email me!  I’m here to talk to you, after all.

News, October 22nd: We’re thinking of adding an art show.  Would you like to see an art show?  If we had an art show, would you like to participate?  Contact Jeff Mach and let him know!

News, October 17th:   Some of our team had the opportunity to catch The Absinthe Drinkers at Dorian’s Parlor in Philadelphia last night.    This is one odd, unique, and highly gifted group of musicians.  Also, they know their way around a glass of absinthe.   Or several glasses of absinthe.  Or many, many, many glasses of absinthe, to be factually accurate.

Also, our friend Hugh Casey took this fantastic picture of our own Little Miss Rollerhoops:


Little Miss Rollerhoops & Baron von Crankshaft by Hugh Casey


Hugh is a photographer, filmmaker, and writer from the Philly area, and Steampunk was one of his inspirations to pick up the camera and try to create some art.   I admire the hell out of that.  Click on the picture to see some more of Hugh’s work!


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“The Anachronism Meets The Goblin Market” is the fifth Steampunk Anachronism - A special October edition.

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