Update, October 19th, 2014: The Anachronism, NYC’s friendliest Steampunk event, is secretly working on a www.iqoption.br.com project with Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, remember to check out our flagship event, The Steampunk World’s Fair, the world’s largest Steampunk event!

We pride ourselves on our friendliness, our unique atmosphere, our unique absinthe cocktails, our eccentric wandering entertainers, and our many surprises…

Here’s what The Anachronism featured this past October:

The rockinest mandolin west of the Pecos, Painless Parker is known for his wit, his great good humor, his extraordinarily catchy tunes, and a refreshingly non-ironic mustache

Painless Parker

The Clown Prince of too many genres to mention, Voltaire’s blackly sardonic sense of humor and rich voice are as contagious as the plague, but rather more enjoyable.


Unwoman has played with Amanda Palmer, Abney Park, and Rasputina, to name a few. Come see her enthralling solo show in her New York City debut!


If Vourteque doesn’t make you want to dance, you’re either dead, or hate dancing, or both. Even if  both of those are true, you’ll probably still love the music he’s going to play for us!


Psyhce Corporation has created an entire dystopian future world for her music, and she sings about it with the growl of a siren and the clear piercing voice of a wolf. Also, she’s secretly really sweet, but don’t tell her we told you, it’ll ruin her image.

Psyche Corporation

Steampunk lowlives have invaded the Goblin Market with their decadent cabaret music! Beware them!! They probably have low morals and wear trousers in public.

Amour Obscur

NEW!  Just added October 1st:  

Recently returned from a MOST amazing United Kingdom tour, internationally-feared Victorian rapper SteampunkFunkBizarre has come to be our Master of Ceremonies!


 and, of course…The Goblin Market.


You’re most cordially invited to RSVP for the event on Facebook, and, if you’d like to find out more, our Facebook page is right here.  Information on our April show is below, if you’d like to read more about us.


The Anachronism is brought to you by The Steampunk World’s Fair.  Information on last year’s World’s Fair is below, and you can find out about this coming World’s Fair via the website – also, conveniently, below!


The Steampunk World’s Fair:

The World’s Greatest Steampunk Festival!


Featuring Voltaire, and several other fabulous headliners also seen at Anachronism – including Frenchy and the Punk, Psyche Corporation, Painless Parker, Danny Blu, and many, many, many more – more entertainment than any other Steampunk event in the world..

So much more, in fact, that we encourage you to just check out our website and see for yourselves.

2012′s event included:

  • Adventures in Absinthe Tasting: Not only do we feature an unparalleled absinthe tasting, we’ve also peopled it with stunning wonders, like Milly Wonka (Willy Wonka’s drunken brewmistress sister) and the famed performer/drunkard Voltaire (the musician, not the dead French fellow).  Come enjoy absinthe, splendid company, intoxicated antics, and more absinthe!
  • A Marvelous Midway: Our humble, yet plucky, and generally on-fire homage to the great circuses of yesteryear – a feat unique in the Steampunk world!  We’ve seen some wonderful circus acts at other events, but never an entire circus – and that’s just part of our event!
  • Our thunderously daring rock-and-roll Steamfashion show
  • The Carnival Obscura, A Goblin Market, Fantasy Soiree, And Excuse To Drink Tea With Famous People.  Our VIP tickets come with the key to our interactive theatrical event, The Goblin Market, which itself is paired with a chance to meet all manner of SPWF performers, presenters, artists, and assorted luminaries.
  • Unconventional conversations on literature, art, creation, and other Steampunk ideas, in our rather unusual panel formats
  • The Curious That Hope It Will Rain…
Be you a Veteran Steampunk or a totally inexperienced person who’s completely unsure about this whole weird neo-Victorian thing, we will show you the time of your life!  Come dressed in your very finest, or come dressed the way you would on your day off – as long as you come with an open mind and a desire for adventure, you will find this to be a very grand time indeed!


Previously, In Anachronism Updates…

Update, December 4th:  One final entertainment addition for you:  we’ll end the night with dancing and revelry, courtesy of Lords And Ladies DJs!  We’ll dance in a true Steampunk fashion–oh, who are we kidding?  We’ll listen to Steampunk-themed music and dance however we damn well please.

We are pleased to welcome back veteran performer and Legacy Count A Count Named Slickbrass, and the crew of the A.S.S. Titilis.

Also, we are pleased to announce our new talent… who can only be described as a mystery, covered in an enigma, and packaged in unflappable finery… The Artful Dandy! Hold on to your hats – feathered or otherwise – this young gentleman is sure to steal your heart away. And maybe a few other things.

We are pleased to welcome Danny Blu among our list of incredible performers! Check him out under our Performers section or listen here for samples of his work. Mention Danny at the door for a special treat.

Hey there time-travelers and dino-wranglers! Webster Hall has graciously provided us with delicious pizza! All for sale from the comfort of our venue! Slices start at $3 per plain slice and $4 per topped slice. Or get a pie. Pies start at $15 for plain pies and $20 for toppings. All proceeds go towards our event and our gracious hosts at Webster Hall. So share the love and stuff your faces!

Not on the East Coast? No problem! Check out Steampunk Chicago, home of the Royal Ladies’ & Gentle-mens’ Experimental Madness Society. Founded in 2008 by The Lord Baron JCR Vourteque IV and Rev. Cpt. Samuel Flint, the RL&GEMS is a collective of artists, thinkers, musicians, performers and just en generale strange folk with a Steampunk bent.

At Steampunk Chicago, the RL&GEMS are working to create an inspiring outlet for steampunk creatives and thinkers both based in Chicago and worldwide. Their website remains a magnificent portal to Steampunk goings on within the Chicagoland area as well as greater national Steampunk events. See? You have no reason not to check out their website!

Another neat flier from Aristotle Pramagioulis and Elle de Valois!



The Anachronism is, and has always been, a come-as-you-are event. However, the wearing of extravagant and whimsical garb is highly encouraged. Our craftily-costumed attendees make the Anachronism the superlative, immersive experience that it is!

On December 4th, we are turning over a portion of the event to our most talented fashionistas. We will be holding a costume contest, hosted by A Count Named Slickbrass. Your task: Create your own monster/chimera character, and come in costume. If you feel ambitious, you have the option of showcasing an additional talent – like, juggling, or a really convincing velociraptor impression – for bonus points. If you’re interested, we will have a signup sheet ready when the doors open on Sunday.

Winners will be determined by our celebrity judges, and by crowd enthusiasm. Participants will be scored on Quality of Costume, as well as Creativity. Bonus prizes will be given to those find creative ways to incorporate elements of Jurassic creatures and/or mythical beasts into their outfit of choice.

Prizes include tickets to Wicked Faire and/or Steampunk World’s Fair; cake; candy; our undying affection; acknowledgement on TheAnachronismNYC website; and a gigantic karma boost.


“Steampunk and dinosaurs? That’s ridiculous!”

A. Hey, it’s certainly not ridiculous! Dinosaurs have an impeccably-appropriate place in Victorian literature and imagination. In point of fact, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, and Edgar Rice Burroughs (creator of Tarzan) wrote extensively about lost or far-flung parts of the earth where dinosaurs survived. See the bottom of the page for details.*

B. Of course it’s ridiculous! And we embrace that! As Thoreau said**, “The unwhimsical life is not worth living.” If you find this interesting, come join us. We may be ridiculous but hot damn, we’re fun.

* I didn’t actually write the bottom of that page but there’s lots of great Victorian-era literature that was fascinated by dinosaurs. So there.


** Thoreau totally never said that.

Question: So you’re doing a dinosaur theme because it makes lots of sense?

Answer: HECK NO. We’re doing this because dinosaurs are ridiculously fun.

The Anachronism: Cogged for your pleasure.

Q: What is the Anachronism?

Answer: The Anachronism is an event that uses the vast, creative world of Steampunk to deliver 700,000 tonnes of whimsical joy, great times, good fellowship, and absinthe. Mostly absinthe.

Q: I’m worried that I might not be “Steampunk enough” for this event, or that everyone will be extremely experienced and I won’t be, or my clothes aren’t right , or I won’t fit in.

A: Well, we will gladly help you if you are worried but you need not worry. If you feel that this event will be fun, then you have the right spirit for it and you very much belong, novice or expert! …also, we always get lots of new people so you will be far from alone if you, yourself, are new. Finally – we’re a welcoming event. If someone were to feel you’re not “Steampunk enough” then it is not you who is at the wrong event, it is they.

Q: I’ve been to lots of Steampunk events / I do lots of Steampunk things / I am Clockwork Robot Queen Victoria. How do I get the most out of this event?

A: An excellent question! Well, first, we invite you to enjoy what we offer everyone – the chance to relax and enjoy the event. We’re glad you’re with us. But if you want an extra challenge, we’re always excited when people want to play around and with our thoughts and ideas and we sometimes have prizes, too. Click the link below for more information.

Q: Is it true that Webster Hall opened in 1886 and is New York’s oldest club venue?

A: Yes! It opened back in the Victorian era!

Q: Didn’t the reign of Queen Victoria end in 1901?

A: Not Steampunk Queen Victoria!

Q: Do I need to have a special outfit or character or something?

A: No, not if you don’t want to. You just have to come by and have a wonderful time, and bring a dozen or two people with you, would you? We could use the dough.

Q: What do I wear?

A: In a nutshell – you can wear anything you like as long as it’s street-legal. We’d love to see you whether you’re Coggly McCogglesworth or the pizza delivery person. – You should come out, sample lots and lots of entertainment (at least two shows running most of the time, for example), have a few special cocktails (both alcoholic and non), visit our merchants and meet many, many, many wonderful people.

Q: What if I want to do something special for the event?

A: Please do! Here are a few possible themes:

  • Intrepid explorer: Much like the noble explorers of old, only without the racism! Dinosaur tribeperson. In many classic “lost world” stories the “prehistoric” landscape also comes with native folk who live amongst the reptiles. We recommend our indigines to be a little more interesting rather than being “savage,” whatever that means. We’d like to see them be smart and more technologically advanced than the aforementioned explorers. Why not?
  • Jungle sacrifice: Look, all we’re saying is that no Lost World story is complete without a little human sacrifice. If you’re handsome enough to eat, shouldn’t you share it with the world by being eaten by dinosaurs? Something from your own imagination. Come on, if you can think of something fun, do it. We’d love to see what you think up.

Q: What is the event like?

A. The event is likely to be an extra friendly, gear-enhanced night of shows, good times and interesting folks. You will probably enjoy it. If you’re friendly, even if you’re shy, and if you think Steampunk is at all interesting, this event is for you. Seriously. If this website looks like fun to you then you’re probably in the right place.

…More information will be posted shortly, so please do check back again!



Interested in performing, vending, or volunteering? Have pressing questions or concerns not answered here? Please contact us and we would be happy to speak to you!


THE ANACHRONISM offers an absolutely fantastic overload of performances, performers, and shows, and cool and interesting vendors. And we’re incredibly affordable, too. Whether you’re a Steampunk veteran or just someone who’s curious, this event will welcome you and show you a spectacular time. Don’t believe us? Check out pictures from our previous events, provided by the fabulous Babette Daniels!


Steampunk: Occupy the Imaginary 19th Century!

More whimsical than a speeding bullet! Faster than a maddened airship pilot! More powerful than time-traveling trousers! The Steampunk World’s Fair, the world’s greatest Steampunk festival!

Ticket sales for the Steampunk World’s Fair are on sale now, for the fantastic price of $45 for the entire weekend! Prices will go up to $50 after December 1st!

We’re pleased as punch and pie that we’re going to be featured on CBS Sunday Morning’s segment on Steampunk this weekend! In a celebratory response, we’re opening ticket sales up this Saturday – stay tuned for details. Meanwhile, please feel cordially invited to visit us on Facebook, or join our mailing list for helpful updates!


The first and only Steampunk event to take place at New York’s largest and oldest nightclub, Webster Hall, The Anachronism brings together an incredible evening of performance, fashion, circus, and adventure as you explore our madly delicious universe through a steampunk monocle.


We can say with some confidence that you won’t see a lineup like this in anything smaller than a full-scale convention elsewhere.


“The Anachronism” is brought to you by Genevieve of Psyche Corporation, Sax DMA of DMA Productions, Gil Cnaan of Dorian’s Parlor, and Jeff Mach of Wicked Faire, The Geeky Kink Event, and various other events.  By the way, this website is updated every time we schedule another Anachronism, but for the very latest details, we also recommend our Facebook group, here.

“The Anachronism Meets The Goblin Market” is the fifth Steampunk Anachronism - A special October edition.

Sunday, October 14th, 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., Element, NYC – ElementNY.com
225 East Houston Street New York, 10002

Thank you for visiting us!

Do also find us on Facebook!